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Round 3 Recap: Streets of Willow

We returned to Willow Springs for Round 3 over the weekend and took on Streets of Willow going Clockwise. With other competitive time attack series going on Sunday as well, it was a packed day at the track. In the sea of cars was an abundance of Miatas, not to mention a large sponsorship presence with insanely built MX5’s and the usual friendly atmosphere along with them. Pros: no incidents on the chicane on death going downhill! Cons: summer is setting in and so is the heat. Despite the temperatures there was some unbelievable times set early on that were chased down all day long.

Holding it down for the NC generation was Sean Azizi taking a third place finish with a time of 1:35.964. Mind you this is a challenging car to fit into Enthusiast class, and is pretty much stock. Good job Sean!

Spinning into second place and also down the chicane was Kyle Koh! Kyle ran a 1:33.141 behind the wheel of an Indotech Motorsports Miata. Check out the video!  It was a very nice save.

John Arden, aka Papa John, aka I made that up, took first with a fast lap of 1:32.907. Killer time. This puts John well into first place in the overall standings.

The third place finisher, Dane Remo, thought he would have an easy run in Street class…well he’s hanging in there. Dane ran a 1:30.298 and snuck his way onto the podium!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back our long haired beauty Daryk Arden. He clocked in with a 1:29.751 and took second place after being in a close battle with Dane. Daryk now sits in third overall!

Would you believe me if I said first place ran a time of 1:28.741? Because it happened. 2nd Change Roadster, Alex Renderos scored a well-deserved first this round with an incredibly fast time. Props!

For Modified class we have Joe Xie rolling into third place. He ran a time of 1:28.049. Joe is probably the only competitor to have a podium spot in three out of four classes consecutively. Maybe he will come in an unlimited car next round?!

Let us all have a moment of silence for our second place competitor and first loser, Jorge Castillo. He suffered a minor case of the “ego check” after falling down to second place this round. Still, he ran a super fast lap time of 1:27.126!

That means from every day up until Round 4, Jerry Arnone will be rubbing it in Jorge’s face that he won the top podium spot. Jerry managed a 1:26.602 in an NA powered Miata.

Roadster cup first timer, Brian Enderle nailed third place in one of the few NC Miata’s. His time was 1:26.927. Very nice Brian!

In second place we have Aaron Lyons with his super-clean super-charged red NA Miata. Aaron’s 1:26.129 landed him a solid finish at this round of Roadster Cup!

Will Watanawongkiri V-Tech’d his way into first place behind the wheel of the Indotech S2K Miata. It’s not every day that you see a Miata putting down a 1:24.882, but Will sure did. Nice work and congratulations to all of our drivers!
And as always thank you to everyone who came out for Round 3! Drivers, friends, family, strangers, pets, I’m talking everyone. Big thanks to Larry Koh and Chris Willard for snapping some great pictures. We love our sponsors and love to see them any opportunity we can get. Of course it is hard to always make it down, so a huge thank you to Indotech Motorsports, Megan Racing, and Good-win Racing for your participating and we dearly missed Koyorad, Garagestar, Project Mu, and Gramlights. See you at the next Roadster Cup!
For more photos from this round visit our Photos page.
Info regarding Round 4 (Buttonwillow 6/26) will be posted as the event nears.
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