MazFest: California Mazda Meet and Track Day

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Track Day


Track Day participants will be running in four HPDE run groups in rotating sessions throughout the day.

High Performance Driving School will be available, which includes professional instruction by an experienced racer riding along with you in as requested. Perfect for beginners, but helpful for drivers at any level!

Beginner drivers will receive hands on classroom training prior to participating on track in the morning after the drivers meeting.  Our certified instructors will give a detailed overview of the track, review passing and breaking zones, and discuss flag colors and general information.

Run groups for our event include beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Helmets are required to drive on track, however we do rent them at the facility the day of the event.  We do not overcrowd our event to ensure that all participants receive the most track time possible throughout the day.







Additional Information:

  • We do have helmets available for rent at the track facilities, however highly suggest you bring your own as they are limited.
  • You must sign up in advance in order to secure your track slot. Our groups sell out, and we can not guarantee a track spot if you do not pre-register for the event prior to the actual event day.
  • Registration of track time does not guarantee free admittance to the track facilities. The track does charge a $10 per person fee to enter the facilities.
  • If you are participating in the track portion of our event, you cannot also enter your car in the Mazda’s only car show, as to be judged your car needs to be stationery in the car show area all day.
  • Burn outs or dangerous behavior will not be tolerated at our event.
  • Timing transponders are available for rent at the event for an additional charge.
  • This is self tech event, you will be responsible for inspecting your vehicle prior to driving on track.