MazFest: California Mazda Meet and Track Day

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Car Show

The MazFest car show is open exclusively to Mazda vehicle makes only. From the old school Repu’s to the newest release Mazda 3, we have categories to cover all vehicles and the opportunity to walk away with some really great prizes – courtesy of our generous and amazing sponsors.

Our yearly Mazda meet and car show is a great opportunity for Mazda owners and enthusiasts alike to get together, share stories and mods, and swap parts… or to just hang out and enjoy the show.  Prior to MazFest taking place at an actual track, our event started out as a Southern California get together at the local parks in the area and grew to include track time, vendors, a raffle, parade laps, and race car ride alongs.

Every year is a memorable one, with new stories and winners, and this year will be no exception.  Our car show categories are announced two weeks prior to the event date, based on the registrations received in each category.


car show

Additional Information:

  • Entry into the car show is $15, also there is a gate fee charged by the track per person that enters the facilities of $20 per person.
  • We highly recommend you sign up in advance to secure your spot in the car show.  We cannot guarantee your spot in the car show without prior registration before the actual event date.
  • No burn outs or racing behavior is permitted within the car show area.
  • Car show participants cannot participate also in the on track activities as your car must be stationery all day for judging.
  • Car show participants can drive in the Parade Laps held at the end of the day after judging, but you must have a helmet for drivers and passengers to be permitted on track.
  • Your car must be stationary between the car show hours indicated on our schedule page in order to be eligible in the judging.
  • Register for Car Show: