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Round 5 Recap: Horse Thief Mile

August 2, 2016 by  
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This weekends go-kart race was held at Horse Thief Mile with scorching temperatures and additionally a blazing forest fire on the drive up through the 14 freeway. Horse Thief is Miata territory. If I’m not mistaken, the record on the track is set with a Miata and we like it that way. For most, it was a first time experience on this track and what better way to feel it out than with a private Roadster Cup day in the early AM? The thing about HTM is that the foundation is basically rubber at this point from all of the drift events. Lucky for us we got the first tracks of the day. That’s about as good as it gets for grip on Horse Thief Mile. All in all it was a blast and a fun change of pace from the usual tracks we frequent. Time to see how everyone did (pun intended) at Round 5 – Roadster Cup!

(Where’s Kyle? …he’s in yellow)
Logging yet another podium spot is Kyle Koh in the Indotech Motorsports “Rental Miata.” Kyle pulled off a 1:07.976 to take home 3rd. He won’t be borrowing this bronze finish. It’s his for the taking. Enough puns for me. Congratulations Kyle!

Our 2nd place finisher has returned from Roadster Cup circa 2014 and is back in another NA Miata. Clement “Clementine” Kwong  ran a 1:06.937 for the silver. You can find him jumping and smiling for joy and should familiarize yourself with “the Clement” pose as soon as possible.

The 1st place time for Enthusiast class was a 1:06.042 laid down by E-class veteran John Arden. Excellent work on 1st place, John. And respect your elders, kiddos. They’re really fast.

Keeping it in the family is the offspring of John for 3rd place. You know who it is. Daryk Arden pulled a 1:04.204 for his podium spot. He could drop at least seven-tenths if he cut his hair, but it’s way more impressive to go that fast with the full mop.

For the 2nd place position we have Chris Willard. With a time of 1:03.314, Chris pulled the silver and is making his mark in a striped NB Miata. Keep an eye out for this one, he is hungry for first place!

If you’ve been reading these you know how Jorge’s posts end up looking. Very short. Not so sweet. To the point. We might have to start employing that for Alex Renderos because he is topping the charts with 1st place times. Representing 2nd Chance Roadster, Alex pulled off a 1:02.789. It’s unfortunate that he’s such a nice dude ’cause you really want to hate him – and you can’t. You aren’t allowed. I forbid it.

Jerry Arnone has one of the prettiest and most well-maintained Miata’s on track. You’d think it’s a show car but he drives the piss out of that thing. Jerry also nailed 3rd place with a time of 1:02.575!

Stirring the standings up a bit is our 2nd place winner, William Chen. He brought his wheel-to-wheel experience to time attack and ran a very close time of 1:02.145. Great work William!

Jorge Castillo got 1st. He went fast. Time – 1:01.848. Two solid wins for 2nd Chance Roadster.

In his incredibly green AutoX NA was Sean Kowalski who ran a 1:03.757! Sean shook up the competition a bit with his appearance and took home 3rd place. Nice work!

Having swapped in a replacement motor the night before and still taking a 2nd place win was Joseph Acuna. Now that is a bold move. Congrats on 2nd place with a 1:03.748! And a bigger congrats on pulling off that motor swap just in time.

Holding it down for team IMS was … not Will?! You heard correctly. This time we have Aaron Lyons in the lead. His 1st place time was a 1:02.380. Bravo, bravo!
Thank you to everyone who made it out to Round 5 it was a blast having the track to ourselves and trying to survive under the fire ball in the sky. If you couldn’t make it out we forgive you and missed you dearly. Make sure to stay updated on the competition though! We’ve got photos from the event uploaded thanks to Gary Mason! And don’t forget to lurk around our Facebook and Instagram. As we near the date, info will be posted for our next round at Streets of Willow (CW) on August 14th. Drive fast and take chances.
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