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Round 6 at Streets of Willow

August 24, 2016 by  
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Lately the weather has not been on our side as I’m sure you have noticed. Despite hot (and that’s an understatement) temperatures over this weekend’s event, competitors continued to lay down personal best lap times and set the bar incredibly high. Some say the bar is too high. Others insist on pushing further. That’s competition for you though. Constant teasing fueling constant progression! Now, let’s make things Olympic and check out the podium from Round 6 at Streets of Willow (CW).

With a Bronze medal run we have Andrew Russ scoring a 1:35.583 in his Enthusiast class NB Miata. Solid dismount Andrew and congrats on a podium finish with a 3rd place!

A true Roadster Cup OG (that’s original gangster, kids) took home the Silver landing a 2nd place dismount. Javier Orellana is representing 2nd Chance Roadster, flying through with a 1:34.207.

Performing a vibrant routine in his teal blue NB representing Indotech Motorsports is John Arden! John is taking home the Gold – 1st place! Beautifully executed!

In 3rd place we have Chris “Hollywood” Willard with a Bronze finish! Chris has been practicing for the Roadster Cup Gold with dedication, fierceness, and flare under Indotech Motorsports. His time was a 1:29.366. Well done, Chris!

Under the same wings of IMS, Daryk Arden demonstrated attitude and sass in his run that qualified him for the Silver medal. With a time of 1:29.126 he makes his country proud with a 2nd place!

You only get one chance at first place. But 2nd Chance Roadster’s Alex Renderos demonstrated that the statement is absolutely true…ironically. This Gold only took 1 minute and 28 seconds flat to achieve (1:28.000)!

William Chen performs a Bronze worthy 1:28.545 landing him in 3rd place! William has his training in wheel-to-wheel and is here to show that time attack is no beast he cannot conquer just as easily.

Formerly driving for Team USA, Jerry Arnone has since ditched his American pride and taken on a ‘bluer’ approach. This aesthetic change is said to be the reason for his Silver at this event. The 2nd place time for Jerry was a 1:28.437. USA! USA! USA!

(Jorge Castillo – right side)
This routine was full of pizazz. The Latin influence and spice was impeccable. Mwah. Jorge Castillo gano el oro! (that means he won the Gold). Bravo on the 1st place time of 1:27.899.

With a time of 1:32.300, Sean Hopkins crossed the checkered into a 3rd place Bronze! Commitment is something Sean has certainly demonstrated in a pool of blood thirsty competitors. I salute you!

Aaron Lyons has been tip-toeing (or perhaps heel-toeing?) his way around the top and middle podium spot. This round, his moves scored a 2nd place Silver with a time of 1:26.384. Still a marvelous routine I say!

IMS’s very own Will Watanawongkiri takes his influence from the Indonesian dancer Alex Tan. This training has proven 1st place with a 1:24.849! Way to shake your stuff, Will. As Alex would say, “Way to go baby!”
It was an extra special relief that everyone was on board with only counting the first two sessions due to heat and overall exhaustion and disgust with the heat. So that was nice. Thank you to everyone in the Roadster Cup family and extended family for being there. Remember to take a peak at all of our sponsors and what they are offering this season. Garage Star, Megan, Project Mu, and Gramlights all have contingency programs/discounts so don’t forget to check those out. The IMS team always has a strong track presence and is quite friendly so stop by and say hello. There’s Goodwin, Koyo, and Extremespeed as well. All three also providing killer prizes along with the others. You know where to find us all on the social media machine. We will see you at AAA Speedway in Fontana in September!
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