MazFest: California Mazda Meet and Track Day

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Target your Mazda audience with a booth at our Mazda only event. This is a well established Mazdas-only event going into our 12th successful year, in which we permit the display and sales of your Mazda specific items or services.

Our vendors are always known for being active and respected in the Mazda owners community.

We structure each vendor price around each individuals budget and interests, and event participation, so please contact us for information regarding our rates, availability, or any additional questions you may have.


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    • All vendors must register with us prior to the event, or we can not guarantee your spot.
    • Vendors who are interested in logo placement on the event t-shirt and flyer must register prior to August 25th. Registrations received after June 25th will receive logo placement on our website only.
    • Companies must be displaying or representing Mazda vehicles and/or Mazda related products only.
    • Vendor placement is first come first serve unless notified otherwise in advance by a member of our staff.
    • If your staff /crew/driver names are not provided to our staff by September 15th, they will have to pay for entry into the track ($15 per person).
    • An official event schedule is provided to all vendors via email one week prior to the event date. Vendor set up times and dates will be included in this information.
    • Sale or giveaway of food or beverage items is not permitted.