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Round 4 Recap: Buttonwillow

Feels like it’s been forever since we last made a visit to Buttonwillow Raceway Park doesn’t it? The iconic BRP is the place to set a mark in time attack racing and for wittle old Miata’s we saw some outstanding lap times throughout the day. It was blistering hot as expected and the competition was of course packing some heat as well! The nice thing about Buttonwillow too is that it serves as a more neutral middle ground for our NorCal friends. For the repeat offenders of RC, this meant podium finishes were a wildcard. Time to see how everyone placed at Round 4.

Cruising through into 3rd place with his NB was Andrew Russ. A time of 2:20.913 landed him the bronze finish!

In 2nd place we have Mr. John Arden with a time of 2:11.910. John’s very vibrant teal NB is quite at home with the podium. Nice work!

I don’t want to say that Enthusiast class is no place for an ND, but it is definitely no easy task fitting one in points wise. Ariel Salazar pulled a 209.788 in his brand new Miata giving him a 1st place finish! Game on.

With long beautiful hair and a blazing hot bod…I mean time of 2:06.445 was Daryk Arden. This dropped Daryk into 3rd place, keeping him up in the ranks overall still.

By a mere tenth came the 2nd place time of 2:06.395. That time belongs to Chris Willard who has been pushing Street class competition this season like no other. Killer time!

Haters gonna hate when Alex Renderos casually lays down a 2:04.308 in his Street car. Need I say anything more? Impressive would be an understatement. Congrats on 1st place this round, Alex!

One of the usual suspects of Mod class, Jerry Arnone, breezed by with a 2:04.489. Jerry is on the hunt for Jorge and holding on tight with his 3rd place here at BRP. Good stuff, Jerry. Good stuff.

Trying his hand at different levels of competition is Alex Renderos taking 2nd place with his Modified class NA. Alex ran a 2:03.203 as he follows Jerry in his chase for Castillo.

Castillo Motorsports stomped a fantastic time of 2:01.160. Jorge got this well earned 1st place time in some hot hot heat. He’s got sub 2-minute in that MX-lawn mower no doubt! Muy bueno Jorge!
We only had two Unlimited cars out this past weekend so if anyone wants 3rd place feel free to stand in (haha).
2nd place goes to Sean Hopkins in an NB Miata. Sean pulled a 2:10.657 up against a beastly opponent. Well done!

The Indotech Motorsports S2K Miata has been topping the charts so far and has continued to follow suit. Will Watanawongkiri put down a 1:56.300 this round in the S2Yata. So dang fast.
We appreciate everyone coming out and supporting the event. Big thanks to everyone coming from near and far as well! There is a fair amount of downtime from now until the next round so no need to panic. This is a great opportunity to make any adjustments, prep the cars, get some seat time, get your hair done, etc. Be sure to continue giving RC some love on social media outlets and give our sponsors the love they deserve too! Can’t wait to see everyone at the next round.
Source: Roadster Cup

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