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Round 5 Rundown!

July 21, 2016 by  
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In case you didn’t get the heads up, this weekend’s Horse Thief Mile event at Willow Springs was originally going to be held from noon-8pm and run in conjunction with a drift event. Fortunately, we are going to be able to avoid some of the heat and got the okay for a private competition in the morning! From 8am-11:30AM we will be running Roadster Cup and have the entire track to ourselves. Round 5 at Horse Thief is already an unusual occurrence, so let’s take advantage of the private run time before the crowd rolls in around noon!
Registration – Arrive between 6:45am – 7:00am
Before coming to register, you must have a Driver Waiver and general tech form filled out. We will have Roadster Cup tech forms available, but I recommend printing one (download and print here) ahead of time and bringing it with you. So you will have a grand total of 3 forms. Every participant MUST have a Roadster Cup tech form turned into timing. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. 
Timing is free and included in your track day. Timing will only have one line for all drivers (so it could be a long wait!). I recommend heading straight to the timing line after registration. You will turn in your Roadster Cup Tech form to Timing. Before going to timing, make sure you have your tech form filled out with the appropriate class so Bryan (our timing guy) can input your information. You must trade an ID or Credit Card as collateral to receive timing. Even if you rent a helmet and leave your ID for that, you still have to leave a second form of ID or a Credit Card with timing. Your ID will be returned to you once you’ve returned your transponder. If two people are sharing a car, each driver must have their own transponder and run only one transponder on the car at a time in correspondence with the driver. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. 
Drivers’ Meeting
We will go over gridding, flags, passing, and Roadster Cup procedures.
Gridded Run Groups
The 2nd and 3rd groups will be gridded. We will try to grid the first session based on previous lap times.
The Roadster Cup group will grid 15 minutes before the previous session. Besure that you do not miss the call to grid. Any additional time used to grid will cut into your driving time. BE ON TIME TO GRID! Failure to be on time to grid may result in losing your grid spot, and you will be sent out at the back of the group. 
Additional Information

All three sessions count toward the Roadster Cup
Immediately following the awards, drivers can go over to Big Willow and continue driving there until the end of the day.
If you have not received your Roadster Cup season sticker or Roadster Cup sticker they will be available.

Find Track Map Here

Please just let Dane or Touda know if you have any questions!
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