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Roadster Cup Scores Project Mu & Gramlights

First and foremost let us thank Mackin Industries for making this possible because they have brought back Project Mu and tossed in an extra sweet Gramlights sponsorship for the 2016 Roadster Cup! You heard correctly. And yes, they do understand that some Miatas can be purchased for less than the cost of some bad*** wheels and killer brake accessories. So make sure to give our sponsors some love. This should go without saying. And in case you don’t know much about Mackin here’s a little more about them.
If you take a peak at their website you’ll quickly see that Mackin Industries is built on exclusivity, experience, and great support.

We carry the best automotive brands from around the world that are exclusive to Mackin Industries. We proudly import Rays Engineering, Yokohama Wheel Design, Project Kics, MXP exhaust systems and Project Mu products. These are truly amazing brands from the most advanced companies around the globe.
Over 40 years in the automotive parts and accessories industry, we have extensive knowledge in bringing you the best products this market has to offer.
Our knowledgeable staff will help you achieve success with our products. We offer continuous support to all of our authorized dealers. Your business is important to us.

Project Mu
Sponsorship will include 35% off any Club Racer, HC+800 and HC+ pads as well as G-Four 335 Brake Fluid to any competitor. That means everyone! 
Project Mu is also going to supply merchandise prizes at one (unannounced) round which will be a hoodie for 1st place and T-shirts for 2nd and 3rd!
This is the part where everyone is hoping for a free set of wheels. But come on that would be far too generous.
1st place overall will receive…a FREE set…of…
The brand new Gramlights 57Transcend wheels (color TBD) in 15×8!!!
But wait
They will also be offering DEEP discount to any RC competitor who would like to purchase a set of 57Transcend. Available fitments:
15×8 +28, Super Dark Gunmetal
15×8 +35, Super Dark Gunmetal
$800 plus sales tax

For purchasing information, please contact
Competitors, I hope this is more incentive to bring the heat! I look forward to more exciting rounds and battles for the championship.
At this point I feel like saying thank you just doesn’t cut it. But thank you Mackin Industries, Project Mu, and Gramlights! Our sponsors are so good to us and we will continue to be good to them, so be sure to follow Project Mu and Rays Wheels on Instagram.

Source: Roadster Cup

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