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Round 2 Recap: Big Willow

April 20, 2016 by  
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It felt like ages between Rounds one and two, but that’s ok because it gave everyone a chance to prep their cars (or pamper themselves) during the downtime! Sunday, April 17th marked the second round of Roadster Cup at Willow Springs International Raceway: Big Willow. What turned out to be a rather mellow track day still carried an intense heat between competitors. By the first session the temperature was already rising with a strong headwind along the back straight. This of course didn’t stop the drivers from reaching new personal bests and keeping each other on their toes the whole way through. Time to see how our lil Miatas held up on Big Willow.

Having previously owned an NA Miata, Sean Azizi recently picked up his bone stock NC and took 3rd place with a time of 1:42.831. Mind you, squeezing an NC into Enthusiast class is not easy!

Our seasoned veteran John Arden is holding his ground up on the podium. Behind the wheel of his incredibly teal blue NB, John pulled 1:42.308, landing him in a close 2nd place!

With a first place finishing time and being the youngest competitor in the series, Kyle Koh came through with a 1:42.175. He is recently 18 years young and currently taken. Sorry ladies…and gentlemen?
The man, the myth, the Joe Xie. Joe likes to pop his head into every class just to stir things up, it keeps things exciting! He was last seen on the podium in Enthusiast class and decided to casually snag 3rd place in Street with a time of 1:38.320. He’s also so fast, we couldn’t even get a picture of him, sorry Joe!

In 2nd place we have 2nd Chance Roadster’s very own Alex Renderos flying in his purpose built NA Roadster. Alex ran a 1:37.677 with wiggle room. If I’m not mistaken, he didn’t even have a fifth gear…whoa.

We told you last time how Chris Willard was out for blood, and dang, ain’t that the truth. Still somewhat new to Miata driving, he was able to bust out a 1:37.587 during the first session of the day. From then on it was a waiting game, but he set the bar quite high!

Third place goes to a brave underpowered competitor who goes by the name German Fury. Correction, he does not actually go by that name it was completely made up. His name is Hanno Hagedorn and with a time of 1:37.668 he took home a Bronze finish!

Jerry “Awesome” Arnone banged out a 1:36.676 in his newly recolored NA. Previously sporting the most patriotic Miata on track, Jerry now has a bruised black n’ blue color scheme that is still lookin’ super clean as always.

…1:36.429 // Jorge Castillo // *condescending woohoo*
Here’s a kicker. William Chen nailed 3rd place driving a SuperMiata prepped for Mod class! He ran a time of 1:36.633 landing him a podium spot in Unlimited class. William, too, was so fast, we didn’t get a picture of him!

2nd place contender, David Martinez, laid down a 1:33.215 in a Miata. That’s fast! Did I mention it has an S2K motor in it? Nonetheless, David was flying at Big Willow this weekend representing team IMS in the S2K Miata.

Piloting a turbo NB was Will Watanawongkiri who stole 1st with a hot lap of 1:32.629! Will was driving the Indotech Chameleon NB also holding it down for team IMS at Roadster Cup Round 2.
A huge thank you to everyone who was able to make it out. A  very special thank you to Larry Koh for helping us out with photos. As always thank you to our gracious sponsors Extreme Speed Track Events, Koyorad, Good-Win-Racing, Megan Racing, GarageStar, ProjectMu, Gramlights, and Indotech Motorsports!
For more photos from this round visit our Photos page.
We hope to see you at the next round as we revisit Streets of Willow, only this time, we’re going clockwise! Join us for Round 3 on May 29th at Streets. Until then, prep your cars and take care!
-Touda and Dane

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