MazFest: California Mazda Meet and Track Day

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Helpful tips for MazFest

July 16, 2014 by  
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Mazda Only event in SoCal,Whether you’re rotary, crank and piston or just a spectator we want you to be prepared for MazFest, a Mazda event in SoCal, so here’s a few tips to ensure the event is full of fun!


Pop up tents or temporary canopies are allowed however, they must be weighted down at all times. Since we will be in the middle of the Mojave Desert a gust can pop up at any time and when it does, it takes everything with it.

Make sure you show up on time for all meetings so we can make sure we get on the track on time. Don’t forget your important safety equipment, especially helmets.

Keep watch with your local Mazda forums if you’d like to drive to the event with other Mazda enthusiasts.

Please do not drive erratically, especially outside the track gates. No burn outs, excessive speeding, donuts etc.


If you plan on riding with the race car ride-a-long program please bring your own helmet if you can. Helmets used for motorcycles and ATV’s are acceptable, bicycle helmets are not. We will supply helmets to those who don’t however we have a limited stock so you may have to wait if we don’t have any available at that time.

There isn’t a lot of shade so make sure you bring sunscreen.

DO NOT BRING PETS. We are dealing with 100+ degrees, hot cement and cars that make loud noises. This is not the place for fluffy or killer, please leave them at home.

Most importantly, please have fun. We like to see you guys come back every year and enjoy yourselves. For more information about MazFest, the Mazda event in SoCal, check our blog.

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