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Beginner VS Intermediate VS Advanced – Which Am I?

June 30, 2014 by  
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Los Angeles Mazda EventInterested in participating in the on-track activities at MazFest our Los Angeles Mazda event, but are not quite sure what driver level you are at? Our goal at MazFest is your driver education and safety and want to ensure that each track participant is placed in the correct driver group to match your driving and comfort level.

First time track driver with no previous experience on a professional track facility. Beginners will receive a 30 minute introductory class after driver registration from our professional instructors in order to familiarize you with the track layout, safety rules and regulations and car control. During this time, beginning drivers will learn the basics such as how to get on and off track, passing rules, and flag colors. Instructors will take these beginners on track for the first few sessions of the day to review hands on techniques and will be available all day to assist with tips or questions you may have. Track driving is different than street driving, and like all sports, it takes professional instructing and practice to learn it.


Intermediate drivers are usually those who have participated one or more times at track events, and still require practice and moderate driver instruction.  Our intermediate drivers have access to the professional driving staff all day and can grab them at a moments notice to help fine tune lines and refine techniques.  Intermediate drivers can choose to participate in the 30 minute driver meeting should they need a refresher, but are not required to do so.


Frequent track goers are what our advanced group is traditionally made up of.  If you are confident in your track driving ability and frequent the local tracks with your Mazda more than a few times a year, the advanced group is your best option.  Typical advanced drivers are working on improving their techniques and time of speed around the track.

If you have any questions about which group you think you would be best suited for, ask our registration staff upon morning check in.  We also shift drivers around to different groups on the day of our event due to comfort level and capabilities.   Track Registration is open now for MazFest our Los Angeles Mazda event and festival, so make sure to sign up now before spots are full!

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