MazFest: California Mazda Meet and Track Day

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Southern California Mazda Event

Southern California Mazda EventMazFest is the largest Southern California Mazda Event which permits all Mazda’s and only Mazda’s at our event.  Since 2004, our event has taken place at local track facilities throughout Southern California in the greater Los Angeles area.

MazFest provides enthusiast and owners the unique opportunity to spend time with other Mazda drivers like yourself, in order to drive on track and learn from the pros, or to enter your car in our Mazda’s only car show.

Our event activities include:

  • All Mazda Car Show
  • All Mazda Track Time
  • DJ and Raffle with Great Mazda Specific Prizes and car parts
  • Vendors and Mazda Merchandise
  • Race Car Ride Alongs from Professional Mazda Drivers
  • Parade Lap Sessions for anyone that shows up in a Mazda

Registration to drive your Mazda on track is only $99 and entry into the car show is free.  It’s not too late to sign up for MazFest now and secure your spot in this Southern California Mazda Event that cannot be missed for any true Mazda enthusiast.