MazFest: California Mazda Meet and Track Day

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Los Angeles Rotary Car Event

Los Angeles Rotary EventFor a Los Angeles Rotary Car Event, MazFest takes place at local track facilities throughout the Los Angeles vicinity. Since 2004, our event has been open to all Mazdas regardless of if you drive a piston on a rotary.

MazFest provides Mazda owners and enthusiasts the chance to drive on track, or participate in our Mazdas only event car show. Our track spots are open to drivers from beginner to advance levels and includes in-class driver training and timing transponders.  Our professional instructors can also show you hands-on techniques in your vehicle in order to improve your lines and times each lap.

The MazFest event car show is free to enter with amazing prizes and trophies to all our winners.  We also have vendors on-site to sell and display Mazda specific parts and merchandise the day of our event.  Don’t miss the parade laps at the end of the day, in which drivers and car show participants can go on track at the famous Willow Springs International Raceway for one great photo opportunity. Right now, our track spots are at an amazing price, only for our MazFest drivers participating on track.

MazFest includes:

  • Professional Classroom Instruction for drivers
  • All Mazda Track Day (Beginner – Advanced Levels)
  • All Mazda Car Show
  • Race Car Ride alongs
  • All Mazda Parade Laps
  • DJ and Models
  • Raffle, and Mazda merchandise
  • Giveaways and Prizes

For a Los Angeles Rotary Car Event, join us at MazFest for Mazda Only track time, car show, vendors, and parade laps.