MazFest: California Mazda Meet and Track Day

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Auto X

2 Great for beginners and for those who are looking to refine performance driving techniques in a more controlled environment. Autocross events are safe, medium speed driving events for you to test the limits of your Mazda while gaining  valuable driving experience!

Generally a course will be defined using traffic cones. One driver at a time negotiates a course laid out with the cones, or pylons, testing their skill against the clock. Time penalties are charged for disturbing cones.

AutoX online Registration closes on Friday the 18th @ 9pm. Depending on availability, there will be sign-ups at the registration booth on Saturday morning

Our Auto X Spots are open to Mazda’s only and will sell out. Limited spots are 10398698_109953987923_1287735_navailable.

Please fill out and submit the information below to register as a Mazfest Driver.
Only Mazdas are permitted at this track event.

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MazFest Driver Registration ($60)